Sterling National Bank Routing Number 2023

Sterling National Bank Routing Number

The Sterling National Bank is one of the well-known banks in the country. The bank good known for quality banking services all over the country. The has a good network of branches spread all over the country to serve customers. Today in this post we are going to share the Sterling National Bank Routing Number. The routing number is a unique code used while sending or receiving money from another bank account. Apart from the routing number we also share the way how anyone can find his bank details and routing number.

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How to Check Bank Routing Number 2023

Sharing the way how anyone can find out his bank branch’s correct routing number. Just follow the simple steps to know the routing number of any bank branch.

  1. The first way is so easy if you have a bank checkbook. The routing number is always printed on the left bottom of the check. If you have your bank checkbook then it’s easy for you to check the routing number.
  2. The second way is to find it online, there are many sites available on google search results. Which shared the bank details with its branch locations.
  3. Visit the bank’s official website. Lots of banks shared their branch address and routing number on their official website. It’s the best way if you visit the official website.
  4. Visit your nearest bank branch to know your bank branch routing number. Bank employe definitely helps to know your branch’s correct routing number.
  5. The last way is to make a phone call to the bank customer support team. The bank customer support team is approximately available 24 hours to help customers online.
Sterling National Bank Routing Number

Routing Number for Sterling National Bank

In the upper section, we shared who anyone can find the routing number for Sterling National Bank. It’s a nine-digit unique code used while making various online payments. Like as paying for goods, buying things online, transferring money, and much more. We also shared the Sterling National Bank branch address and its correct routing number. Have a look at our collection below the content.

Here is the List of Routing Number for Sterling National Bank with Addresses

Routing NumberLocationRegistered Name
21912410Montebello, NYSterling National Bank
221472815Montebello, NYSterling National Bank
21213397Montebello, NYSterling National Bank
26003353Montebello, NYSterling National Bank
221971332Montebello, NYSterling National Bank
26007773Montebello, NYSterling National Bank
221970443Montebello, NYSterling National Bank
21907315Montebello, NYSterling National Bank
21473098Jericho, NYSterling National Bank
221471861Montebello, NYSterling National Bank
21909300Montebello, NYSterling National Bank
26010605Montebello, NYSterling National Bank
21913655Montebello, NYSterling National Bank

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