South State Bank Routing Number

South State Bank Routing Number

South State Bank Routing Number is a nine-digit number used to identify money transfers. The bank has many branches located in a different places to serves its customers. Bank offers various online or offline services to its customers. Apart from his the attractive offers to the bank attract customers toward its services. It’s a well-established bank in the country is well known for its banking services. Here in this article, we shared the locations and routing number of the bank, which help bank users to make online payment easily.

Routing Number on Check

If are good at internet browsing then you can easily find out the routing number of your bank branch. And if you don’t have knowledge about it then you can check your bank checkbook to know your bank routing number. It’s printed on the left bottom of the checkbook. For more details about the routing number have a look at our list to know your bank routing number. 

South State Bank Routing Number

The unique routing number of South State Bank helps its users to various online transactions. Like as money transfer, payment for goods, and much more. The routing number is unique because banks always give priority to its customer to make their online payment more secure. The unique routing number is 053012197

Check below all routing numbers for different locations

Routing NumberBank NameAddressZip
53200983South State Bank2430 Mall Drive29406
53201869South State Bank2430 Mall Drive29406
53273981South State Bank2430 Mall Drive29406
53274090South State BankP O Box 128729115
53274168South State Bank2430 Mall Drive29201
53908188South State Bank2430 Mall Drive29406
61103852South State Bank2440 Mall Dr29406
61104314South State Bank2430 Mall Drive29406
61204463South State Bank2440 Mall Dr29406
61204654South State Bank2440 Mall Dr29406
253272070South State Bank2430 Mall Dr29406
253273901South State Bank2430 Mall Dr29406
53207931South State Bank2430 Mall Drive29406
53207960South State Bank2430 Mall Dr29406
53012197South State Bank2430 Mall Dr29406
53112204South State Bank2430 Mall Dr29406
53202279South State Bank2430 Mall Drive29406
53207902South State Bank2430 Mall Dr29406
53207986South State Bank2430 Mall Dr29406
53208040South State Bank2430 Mall Drive29406
61102549South State Bank2440 Mall Dr29406
61103357South State Bank2430 Mall Drive29406
53274113South State Bank2430 Mall Drive29406
53274139South State Bank2430 Mall Drive29406
61105685South State Bank2440 Mall Dr29406
61120961South State Bank2430 Mall Drive29406
261190490South State Bank2440 Mall Dr29406
61204900South State Bank2440 Mall Dr29406
253271945South State Bank2430 Mall Dr29406

South State Bank Routing Number Florida

Florida 063114030


South State Bank Routing Number Georgia

Georgia 063114030


South State Bank Routing Number Ga

Ga 06311403


South State Bank Routing Number South Carolina

Carolina 063114030


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