Middlesex Savings Bank Routing Number

Middlesex Savings Bank Routing Number

In the United States, a routing number is a way to identify the bank or its location. The Middlesex Savings Bank Routing Number is 211371227. While the bank users adding the payment method and sending money to another bank account. As a verification bank asks for a second bank routing number, where the customer wants to send money. It’s a unique way to keep internet banking safe for bank users. Here in this article, we share the routing number of Middlesex Savings Bank.

Routing Number on Check

As everyone knows the technology is growing fast day by day. And now a day’s it’s not hard to find out the solution to any question. And if you are looking for your bank routing number, then here we shared a few ways to find out. First of all the internet, with the help of internet users can find out any information from the web. Lots of websites are available on the internet. That shared information about the bank. Another way to find is your bank checkbook, it’s always printed on it. And another unique way is giving a call to bank customer care. They will definitely help you in this matter.

Middlesex Savings Bank Routing Number

The routing number help during online payment such as pay for goods, Buy things online, and much more. And the unique routing number of Middlesex Savings Bank is 211371227. So use this Bank Routing number to make your online transactions.

Check Below All Routing Number For Different Locations

Routing no.Bank NameAddressCityStateZip
211371227Middlesex Savings BankP O Box 5210WestboroughMassachusetts1581

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