Hills Bank Routing Number

Hills Bank Routing Number

Hills Bank’s routing number is 073913755. A routing number is a nine-digit number allocated to the bank in the United States. The nine digit code known as routing number is unique for each bank branch. It is a well-known bank in the country and well known for its online banking services. If a bank facilitates its customer with various types of online transactions then the bank will have multiple routing numbers. Whenever you do any online transaction you will need your routing number. In this article, you will get the routing numbers of Hills bank to make transactions secure.

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Routing Number on Check

To find your Hills Bank routing number on the check; take a check and look closely at the bottom left corner of the check, there you will notice a set of numbers consisting of nine-digits. That 9-digit number is your routing number and after the routing number, there is another set of numbers which your account number followed by a check number.

Hills Bank Routing Number

The routing number of Hills Bank is 073913755. This routing number can be used in different online transactions like money transfers both domestic and international, e-payments, online banking, etc. 

Check Below All Routing Number for Different Locations

Routing no.Bank NameAddressCityStateZip
073913755Hills Bank and Trust Company131 Main StreetHillsIowa52235
073914262Hills Bank P O Box 959LisbonIowa52253
073922526Hills Bank Kalona131 Main StreetHillsIowa52235
073923020Hills Bank and Trust Company131 Main StreetHillsIowa52235

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