BB&T Routing Number

BB&T Routing Number

BB&T Bank is one of the wells known banks in the county. And also good for its banking services. The bank has various branches located in different locations to serves its customer to deposit funds or withdrawal. BBT stands for Branch Banking and Trust, which incorporated in the year 1872. Here in our article, we are going to share the BB&T Routing Number for its different branch locations. Check the list below to know your branch routing number.

BB&T Routing Number on a Cheque

As everyone knows that with the help of the internet, anyone can find information about the bank for other institutions. Now a day’s with the help of the internet you can find out the ATM location or your bank branch location. And if you are looking for your bank routing number then you can find it by using the internet. Lots of sites available on the internet that shared information about the bank and its routing number. And if you don’t know how to do an online search for your bank routing number. Then we shared the best way to find out. Simple just open your bank checkbook and the routing number is printed on the bottom of the check. For more details check the image below.

bb&t routing number

BB&T GA ACH Routing Number

061113415 is the routing number of BB&T GA ACH. It’s a unique nine-digit code used to do various online transactions like wire transfer, electronic pay, etc.

Check below all routing numbers for different locations.

StateRouting Number
District of Columbia (DC)0540-0154-7
Florida (FL)2631-9138-7
Maryland (MD)0550-0330-8
New Jersey (NJ)0312-0471-0
Pennsylvania (PA)0313-0912-3
South Carolina (SC)0532-0160-7
Virginia (VA)0514-0426-0
West Virginia (WV)0515-0339-4
North Carolina, 27893263189661
North Carolina, 27893263191387
North Carolina, 2789383974289
North Carolina, 27893111017694
Indiana (IN)0839-7428-9
Kentucky (KY)0839-0068-0
North Carolina (NC)0531-0112-1
Ohio (OH)0421-0226-7
North Carolina, 2789362203984
North Carolina, 2789364208165
Tennessee (TN)0642-0816-5
Texas (TX)1110-1769-4
Alabama (AL)0622-0398-4
Georgia (GA)0611-1341-5
North Carolina, 2789353111632
North Carolina, 2789362001319
North Carolina, 2789363113222

BB&T Routing Number Alabama

Alabama 062203984


BB&T Routing Number Florida

Florida 263191387


BB&T Routing Number Georgia

Georgia 061113415


BB&T Routing Number Maryland

Maryland 055003308


BB&T Routing Number North Carolina

North Carolina 053101121


BB&T Routing Number Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania 031309123


BB&T Routing Number South Carolina

South Carolina 053201607


BB&T Routing Number Texas

Texas 111017694


BB&T Routing Number Virginia

Virginia 051404260


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